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Fresh Fish & Seafood

Fresh whole Red snapper, Black Sea bass, Cod and Grouper fillets available


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  1. Black Cod Fillets

    Black Cod - Fillets


    Our Alaskan Black Cod is known for its velvety, rich flavor, delicate texture, and high oil content. Minimum order is 5-6lbs. Learn More
  2. Sturgeon Fillet

    Sturgeon Fillets (5-6lbs)


    Fresh Sturgeon fillets are shipped directly from the West Coast. Minimum order is 15lbs. Learn More
  3. Red Snapper Fillets

    Red Snapper Fillets (8-12 oz)


    Our fresh Red Snapper fillets are harvested daily in Southern Florida. Minimum order is 5-6 pounds Learn More
  4. Monkfish Fillet

    Monkfish Fillets


    Fresh Monkfish fillets are harvested from the North Atlantic waters near Maine. Minimum order is 15lbs. Learn More
  5. Wild Striped Bass Fillet

    Wild Striped Bass Fillets


    Line-caught from the North Atlantic and Eastern Seaboard our wild striped fillets or rockfish fillets are delicious. Minimum order is 5-6 pounds. Learn More
  6. Barramundi Fillets (7-9 oz)

    Australian Barramundi Fillets (6-8oz)


    Barramundi (6-8oz) fillets are packed in 10 pound cases. Minimum order is one case. Learn More
  7. Ahi #1 Tuna Loins (Sushi Grade)

    Ahi #1 Yellowfin Tuna Loin (Sushi Grade)

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    Minimum order is 10lbs. Please call to place your order. Learn More


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