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Live Seafood Specials-Lobsters, Crabs,Clams

Beautiful live clams, oysters , Dungeness and blue crabs


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  1. Live Soft Shell Crabs

    Live Soft-Shell Crabs

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    Live soft-shell crabs are packed two dozen per box. Season runs from March 15 through October 15. Minimum order 2 dz. Please call to place your order Learn More
  2. Live Blue Crabs

    Live Blue Hardshell Crabs-(Sooks) (3/4 - 1lb ea)


    The blue crab is shipped live from Maryland.. Females or sooks run approximately 3/4 lb each. Minimum order is 15 lbs. Learn More
  3. Live Crawfish

    Live Louisiana Red Crawfish (10-12 p/lbs)


    Live Louisiana crawfish have small lobster-like claws and are shipped direct from the brackish waters of of the Louisiana Delta. Season runs from December through June. Minimum order is 10 pounds. Learn More
  4. Live Lobsters

    Live Hardshell Lobsters

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    Lobsters from the North Atlantic are available in all sizes. Minimum order is 12 lobsters. Please call to place your order Learn More
  5. Live Dungeness Crabs

    Live Dungeness Crabs (2 lb +)

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    Shipped directly from our live holding tanks in Oregon and Seattle our Live Crabs are available in 2 - 2 1/2 pound size. Learn More
  6. Live Spot Prawns (Spot Shrimp) (8-12pcs/lb)

    Live Spot Prawns (Spot Shrimp) (8-12pcs/lb)

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    Amaebi come in mixed sizes so there are anywhere from 8 to 12 shrimp per pound. Minimum order is 5 pounds Learn More


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