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Exotic Fruits & Vegetables


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  1. Hearts of Palm (10 lbs )

    Hearts of Palm (10 lbs )


    The tender hearts come from the cabbage palm and have many layers (similar to leeks). Hearts of palm have a pale ivory color with a nutty flavour Learn More
  2. Figs (6-8 lbs/case)

    Figs (6-8 lbs/case)

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    coming soon Learn More
  3. Quince (Chilean)

    Quince- Chilean

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    Quince are bright yellow, and look like fuzzy, short-necked pears. The fruit’s unique fragrance, hinting of pineapple, guava and Bartlett pear. Please call 2 days in advance Learn More
  4. Pomegranates


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    coming soon Learn More
  5. Persimmons-  Fuyu, Hachiya

    Persimmons- Fuyu, Hachiya

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    coming soon Learn More
  6. Pears


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    coming soon Learn More
  7. Meyer Lemons (10lbs/case)

    Meyer Lemons (10lbs/case)

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    It has a sweeter, less acidic flavor than the more common lemon and a fragrant edible skin. Minimum order 10 lbs case. Learn More
  8. Bananas- Baby, Red

    Bananas- Baby, Red

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    coming soon Learn More
  9. Apples


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    Candy, Crab, Grimson Gold, Honeycrisp, Lady, Lady Granny Learn More
  10. Sea Beans

    Sea Beans

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    10 lbs in a case Learn More
  11. Micro Greens-  4 oz

    Micro Greens- 4 oz


    Rainbow Mix, Arugula, Cilantro, Fennel, Chard, Spinach, Mint, Pink Chard, Beet Mix, 4 oz each container. Minimum order is 4 containers. Learn More
  12. Cherries- Chile

    Cherries- Chile

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    Bing cherries will be shipped from late November until early/mid-January. Learn More
  13. Potatoes


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    Purple & Russian Fingerlings 10# Learn More
  14. Mache-Hydro


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    Mache is a nutty flavored French green. 2.2# Learn More
  15. Baby White Asparagus

    Baby White Asparagus

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    Baby White Asparagus is very tender, and can be lightly steamed or served raw. There is no need to peel baby white asparagus. It is a perfect springtime dish, served as a garnish, on a salad, or as a vegetable. 140 spears/lb; 10 lbs/case Learn More
  16. Baby Squashes

    Baby Squashes

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    Gold Summer,Green Summer,Green Zucchini,French Beans Learn More
  17. Baby Root Items- 5 lbs each

    Baby Root Items- 5 lbs each

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    Marron Carrots (24 ct),Mixed Beets (24 ct).Mixed Carrots (24 ct),Gold beets (24 ct),Red Beets (24 ct),Candy Beets (24 ct),Red Carrots (24 ct).Yellow Carrots (24 ct) Learn More
  18. Wasabi Root

    Wasabi Root


    Wasabi is sometimes called Japanese horseradish, and its taste is very similar. However, real wasabi - wasabia japonica - is a relative of the watercress family and an elusive little root. Like horseradish, it is a root, or rhizome, Learn More
  19. Baby Peeled Items ( 5 lb bags)

    Baby Peeled Items ( 5 lb bags)

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    Mexican or California Orange Carrots, Red Beets,gold Beets,Candy Beets White Turnips,Red Carrots,Yellow Carrots, White carrots Learn More
  20. Heirloom Tomatoes (10 lbs/case)

    Heirloom Tomatoes (10 lbs/case)


    Heirlooms stand out for their complexity and variety of flavor. Some are rich and sweet, others tart and refreshing. Some are quite juicy while others are firm and meaty. Learn More
  21. Brussel Sprouts (5lbs/case)

    Brussel Sprouts (5lbs/case)

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    Brussel sprouts look like perfect miniature versions of cabbage, both belong to the Brassica family of vegetables. Brussels sprouts are available year round; however, they are at their best from autumn through early spring when they are at the peak of their growing season. Minimum 5 lbs Case. Learn More
  22. Beans


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    coming soon Learn More
  23. Cauliflowers


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    Baby Green, Orange, Purple, Mixed, White 24ct Learn More
  24. Endive


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    Endive is a leaf vegetable belonging to the daisy family. Endive can be cooked or used raw in salads. Red, White, Treviso Learn More
  25. Blood Oranges (10lbs/case)

    Blood Oranges (10lbs/case)

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    10lbs per case. Minimum order is 1 case. Learn More


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