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Imported Exotic Roes


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  1. Sea Urchin Roe (120 gm tray)

    Sea Urchin Roe (West Coast) (Uni) 120 grams


    Sea urchin roe is a popular food in Korean cuisine, and it is called uni in Japanese sushi cuisine. East coast urchins run from November through April. West Coast urchins run year round. Minimum order is 20lbs. Learn More
  2. Flying Fish Roe (17oz)

    Flying Fish Roe (17oz)


    Available in Orange,Lime Green, Black, Spicy Red, & Yellow. Please specify when ordering which you would like. Minimum order is 1 tin. Learn More
  3. Green Lobster Roe

    Lobster Roe (Red or Green)

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    Green Lobster Roe is also known as the tomalley and are the lobsters liver and pancreas and are available in 1lb containers. Minimum order is 2 pounds. Learn More
  4. Tuna Bottarga

    Tuna Bottarga (8oz)


    Bottarga has a salty flavor that reminds one instantly of the sea. Minimum order is 8 oz. Learn More


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