Caviar & Imported Exotic Roes


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  1. Sea Urchin Roe (120 gm tray)

    Sea Urchin Roe (West Coast) (Uni) 120 grams


    Sea urchin roe is a popular food in Korean cuisine, and it is called uni in Japanese sushi cuisine. East coast urchins run from November through April. West Coast urchins run year round. Minimum order is 3 trays. Learn More
  2. Hackleback Caviar (4 oz tin)

    Hackleback Caviar -4 oz tin


    Hackleback American Caviar and also known as Wild Sturgeon Caviar. Minimum order is one 4 oz tin. Learn More
  3. Paddlefish Caviar

    Paddlefish Caviar - (4 oz tin)


    Fresh wild Paddlefish Caviar.This caviar is light gray in color and resembles Russian Sevruga Caviar. Minimum order is one 4 oz tin. Learn More
  4. Tuna Bottarga

    Tuna Bottarga ( 8 oz)


    Our Tuna Bottarga is the salted, pressed and dried roe of tuna. This specialty of southern Italy is harvested from the tuna, then salted and massaged by hand for several weeks. It is then pressed and sun- dried for up to two months. Bottarga has a salty flavor that reminds one instantly of the sea. Minimum order is 8 oz. Learn More
  5. Royal Sterling Caviar (Petrossian)

    Royal Ossetra Caviar (Petrossian) 250 grams


    Harvested from mature white sturgeon. Royal Sterling caviar has large, firm beads that have intensely rich and nutty flavor. Packed in 250 gram tins Learn More
  6. Bulgarian Sevruga

    Bulgarian Sevruga


    Sevruga comes form the Starry Sturgeon and has larger eggs than Ostera and Beluga Caviars Learn More
  7. American Sturgeon Caviar

    American Sturgeon Caviar ( 125 mg)


    Our fresh tasty American Sturgeon caviar is packed in 125 gram tins and is of dark, of medium size and has a sweet, buttery, nut-like flavor. Learn More
  8. Green Lobster Roe

    Lobster Roe (Red or Green )

    Call To Order
    Frozen Red Lobster Roe is also known as the coral and are available in one pound containers. Green Lobster Roe is also known as the tomalley and are the lobsters liver and pancreas and are available in one pound containers. Minimum order is two pounds Learn More
  9. Flying Fish Roe (17 oz)

    Flying Fish Roe (17 oz)


    Available in Orange,Lime Green, Black, Spicy Red, & Yellow Learn More
  10. Salmon Caviar

    Salmon Caviar (7 oz)


    This roe comes from the most prized Alaskan salmon and is packed in 7 oz tins Learn More
  11. Bulgarian Osetra Caviar (1 oz tin)

    Bulgarian Ostera

    Call To Order
    Our Bulgarian Osetra caviar has a light gray to brownish or golden yellow in color, with what is described as a nutty flavor. It is Customed packed in 1 oz and/or 4 oz tins or jars. Please call to place your order Learn More
  12. Trout Roe (8.8 oz)

    Trout Roe (8.8 oz)


    Trout roe is smaller than the salmon roe. It has mild sweet flavor. Minimum order 8.8 ounce jar. Learn More


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