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About us

About PrawnCo

Increased interest in healthful gourmet cuisine has produced a different category of entrepreneurs who cater to the growing appetite for fine food. One established standard to this category is Prawn Corporation of America (PRAWNCO).

Prawnco has assembled an internationally specialized team of food producers to supply exclusive restaurants with Imported, Exotic, Live, Farm-raised and Specialty seafood products as well as Beef, Pork, Venison, Bison, Wild Game, Game Birds, Caviar, Smoked Fish, Wild Mushrooms, and Exotic Fruits, Vegetables and Greens.

In addition, PRAWNCO has implemented a unique national distribution service. Under the Banner of PRAWNCO EXPRESS, most of our product offerings are shipped direct from point of production and offer our customers seafood products that are virtually 'NEXT DAY OUT OF THE WATER.'

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