Crabmeat/Crab Claws-Blue Crabmeat-Dungeness, Peekytoe

Fresh hand-picked crabmeat from Maryland, Maine and Oregon.


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  1. Jumbo Lump Crabmeat (Fresh)

    Jumbo Lump Crabmeat (Fresh)


    Fresh picked all JUMBO LUMPS of blue crabmeat from Maryland. We also carry fresh Lump Crabmeat. Minimum Learn More
  2. Blue Crab Meat Crabcakes

    Blue Crabmeat Crab Cakes (5-6oz)


    Our Crab cakes from Maryland are made from local crabs.Twelve crabs per case Not cooked. 90% crabmeat. Learn More
  3. Stone Crab Claws (JUMBO)

    Florida Stone Crab Claws (Jumbo (2-3 pcs/lb),


    Enjoy this fresh, ready-to-eat delicacy in the privacy of your home or office or surprise your loved one. Please call for pricing and availability Learn More
  4. Stone Crab Claws (Baja/Frozen/7-9 pcs/lb)

    Baja Stone Crab Claws (Frozen Medium 7-9 pcs/lb)


    Stone Crab Claws from Southern California are packed five pounds per case Learn More
  5. King Crab Legs (16/20)

    King Crab Legs (16/20) (20 lbs per case)


    Alaska's King Crab Legs have Jumbo-sized legs and claws packed full of sweet succulent meat! Minimum order is 20 pounds Learn More
  6. Jonah Crab Claws

    Jonah Crab Claws


    Shipped directly from Maine our Jonah crabs claws come fully cooked. Packed in six pound cases Learn More
  7. Dungeness Crabmeat

    Fresh Dungeness Crabmeat (min 3 lbs)


    Dungeness crabmeat is fresh picked daily, our combination body and claw meat is great for salads. Minimum order is three pounds Learn More
  8. Alaskan Snow Crab (5-8 oz)

    Snow Crab Sections (8 oz +)


    Our frozen Snow crab sections are well known for their sweet succulent flavor and snowy white meat. Packed in 20 pound cases Learn More
  9. Peekytoe Crabmeat (Fresh All Leg )

    Peekytoe Crabmeat (Fresh All Leg )


    Our fresh picked all leg crabmeat from the Jonah Crab ships directly from Maine. Minimum order is 3 pounds Learn More
  10. Fresh Lump Crabmeat

    Fresh Lump Crabmeat


    Fresh picked blue crabmeat from Maryland.We also carry fresh Jumbo Lump Crabmeat. Minimum order is 5 pounds Learn More
  11. Dungeness Crabmeat (AllLeg)

    Dungeness Crabmeat (Fresh All Leg )


    All leg Dungeness Crabmeat is terrific for crab cocktail and salads Learn More
  12. Stone Crab Claws

    Florida Stone Crab Claws (Large- 3-5 pcs/lb)


    Stone Crab claws are ready-to-eat delicacy in the privacy of your home or office or surprise your loved one. Shipped direct from the Florida Keys. Stone Crab are available from October through May 15. Minimum order is 5 lbs. Learn More


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